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The Consultation  Bio Energy

Bio-Energetic support

For several years, I have gone to meet ancient civilizations in search of understanding our own healing capacity in connection with universal energy. I also graduated in Ayurvedic therapies and Chinese medicine and reflexology.

However, I discovered that the quantum is the invisible that animates the matter of the living and the access to this vibratory and informational field makes it possible to stimulate the process of self-healing for this it is necessary to consider the human being in all its subtle emotional physical and spiritual dimensions.

We are composed of a physical body coupled with an energy body. The latter is crossed by multiple energy channels whose main crossings are called chakras.

The bio-energetic accompaniment makes it possible to rebalance the physical body by activating the principles of liberation of the emotional body which, without our knowledge, will sometimes crystallize memories of the transgenerational, repetitive patterns, self-sabotage of non-legitimacy...and thus create over time an impact on the physical body through "harm to says"
weakness or pain...

Mediumship allows me to fluidly access this subtle space, this frequency field to allow you a reconnection to your Self, an emotional release, an accompaniment of the wounds of your inner child ... reactivate the natural process of homeostasis ...

This therapy is called holistic because it takes care of the body, soothes the mind and heals the soul.

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I shared a medium consultation with Éléha and in my soul and conscience I can affirm that she proved to me to be well connected with my child who died several years ago by telling me about an ailment that I had not told her about. also talked about my family with some specific details. For the future, I have confidence in his predictions, which I will report on when they come to pass.

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