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From you to me ...
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Throughout my experiences, I walk on the link that connects us to the invisible... mediumship is expressed in different ways through the guidance that I transmit to you, through bio-energetic care and through expression. co-creative painting and writing.
It is both an initiatory and spiritual journey for which I invest myself in the transmission and accompaniment while respecting both my rhythm and the surprises of the Universe!

Mediumnity ...A life mission 

My mission as a Pure Medium is to transmit the messages of the Guides of Light to you in the most fluid and fair way with deep benevolence without any physical support.

Indeed, like a transistor my frequency will adapt to allow the connection ... I operate on the vibration of the consultant to his voice ... I always start my sessions by giving you specific facts about you past and present so as to ensure the accuracy of your session in its vibration and timing. I'm asking for this intro to secure the meeting space and sort of check my antenna alignment. As my session support is in the invisible, this allows me to fully assure myself of the presence of my Guides who work on another dimensional plane.

I receive by clairvoyance; flashes, visions, scenes that unfold accompanied by clairaudience which allows me to hear very precisely first names, accents … and clairsentience which is the ability to receive information through the body.

Spirit mediumship establishes the link with the loved ones who have left us close but also the animals when they manifest themselves under the aegis of the Guides in complete safety they often have at heart to show the conditions of their departure and share with you common memories with details … you will recognize them through their personality traits or shared anecdotes.
They often come with a message of liberation to give because from their superconscious plane they have a 360 degree view of their experience of earthly incarnation, which facilitates the understanding of blockages or repetitive patterns often linked to the transgenerational. A lot of love and also humor are there!

I often say that a mediumship consultation is real soul care, so I recommend it before any bioenergetic appointment because it allows you to feel accompanied on your way, to be enlightened in consciousness, to reintegrate your power. of soul who she knows and knows what is right for you … also we bathe in a field where the mental and the emotional even if they can be formidable assets can also sometimes be undermined and blurred by our field of experiences and our interrelationships…
The messages received will allow you to take a more distant position to implement your objectives and decisions with your free will and a fore of projection in consciousness.

The time line fits on both sides of the veil in a different way also when I am going to give you a notion of time, future predictions this will be part of a movement sometimes a season sometimes the month but sometimes also more vague because this space-time is called into question at every moment according to your choices, your decisions…I often give the image of a mountain landscape with fine lines in the distance and in front of more marked lines…everything is in perpetual motion and even if we have a path it will be what we make of it in every present moment...

The guides will share with you elements of your past only if they still have "a reason" with your present and they will detail the present priorities in order to make the journey more fluid Finally, you will be given future information when it makes sense to you. bringing you to your best potential...

The guides know you and know exactly what they have to share with you, so this positive and luminous benevolence will never cast doubt or create fear, but on the contrary will support and encourage you!

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